JCDSRI presents its Zimriyah song festival at the Dwares JCC

Thursday, June 7

May 24 was a first for the Jewish Community Day School of Rhode Island and for Rhode Island’s Jewish community, as the school presented its annual Zimriyah, a Hebrew song festival, in the …
Editor's column

A plea for civility

Each time we put out a paper, we try to strike a delicate balance. How do we include all the many viewpoints and members of our community?  Despite our singular-sounding name, we are not …

A little of this, a little of that

A taste of what’s to come

An important spring tradition

The fowl adventure and other seder stories

A question of coverage and timing

Olympics fever is but a memory

It could have been worse!


Robert E. Abrahms, 92

Thursday, June 7

Seymour Keitlen, MD, 87

Thursday, June 7

Harriet Landesberg, 106

Thursday, June 7

Michael Meyerson, 74

Thursday, June 7

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EDOX is hard at work around Providence

Saturday, May 26

EDOX is a frequent visitor to the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center. And that’s a good thing. You may not have noticed him or know who he is, but he’s an important …

Israeli doctor gets new insights into family medicine during a fellowship at The Miriam

Thursday, June 7

The surname of the latest Israeli doctor to come to The Miriam Hospital on fellowship may sound familiar, since it’s quite famous – Rothschild.   Dr. Shelly Rothschild is, …

Silent no more: Women Yiddish writers

During the first weekend in May, my wife, Sandy, and I returned, yet again, to the Yiddish Book Center, in Amherst, Massachusetts. From Friday evening until Sunday at noon, we explored the …

2017-18 Guide to Jewish Living in Southern New England

“Religious Tolerance and Respect: Rebalancing the Jewish World”

Thursday, June 7

With your permission, allow me to recall a day in early June of 1990 when I was similarly honored by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Yes, that was before most of you graduates were …


Progressives and J Street

Thursday, June 7

Progressives criticize Israel and feel morally superior, thinking they know better than the Israeli electorate how to manage the country. “If only Israel would...” (fill in the …


Summer food for family gatherings

FAMILY FEATURES – Family gatherings like reunions, picnics and potlucks can bring fun, the chance to reunite with family and, of course, food and celebration. While catching up with …