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Rome’s Jewish Quarter: Seared by the Holocaust, still much alive

Thursday, August 9

ROME, ITALY – Micol Piazza, our guide on a tour of the historic Jewish quarter here, is full of emotion as she speaks, and I tremble as I listen to her recount the horror of the German roundup of some 1,000 Roman Jews on Oct. 16, 1943. Most of them lived on these few blocks, in what for centuries had been a ghetto. Piazza says of the Nazis, “With the help of the Italian police, they had the names of the Jews. They were right here. It was Shabbat. Sukkot. People were sleeping in their homes.’’
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Ode to the sticky note

I have a confession to make. I am slightly obsessed with sticky notes. You know, those little pieces of paper that come in a variety of colors and shapes and have a thin strip of adhesive on the …

Our personal seasons

A plea for civility

A little of this, a little of that

A taste of what’s to come

An important spring tradition


Rose Epstein, 92

Thursday, August 9

Doris Kirshenbaum, 89

Thursday, August 9

Lisa Bergman, 61

Tuesday, July 31

Fanny E. Bojar, 80

Tuesday, July 31

Betty R. Cohen, 91

Tuesday, July 31

Michael Ehrlich, M.D.

Tuesday, July 31

Esther Geller, 90

Tuesday, July 31

Carl Lefkowitz, 88

Tuesday, July 31

Herbert Malin, 90

Tuesday, July 31

Renée S. Rabinowitz, 93

Tuesday, July 31

Sue Rosenfield, 90

Tuesday, July 31

Bob Schleifer, 88

Tuesday, July 31

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These remarks were presented June 13 at the seventh annual meeting of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island. They are slightly edited for publication.   Last year I sat in the …
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How Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh could affect issues that matter to Jews

Tuesday, July 10

JTA – President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, a Republican establishment favorite who has worked in the George W. Bush administration, has triggered reactions from …

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The Guide to Jewish Life, 2017-18 issue

Southern New England's only comprehensive directory of Jewish services, business and leadership.

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Why synagogues started putting American flags in the sanctuary

Thursday, July 5

JTA – Jewish tourists from North America are likely to notice one big difference when visiting synagogues around the world. Though a plethora of symbols, such as stars of David and menorahs, may be …


‘Hate Spaces’

Thursday, August 9

Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI) was formed by grassroots Jews and Christians in support of the State of Israel, the Jewish people and Judeo-Christian values. Because our …


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