11 inspiring Jews who died in 5777

Friday, October 27

NEW YORK (JTA) It’s always difficult to whittle down the list of influential Jews who died in a given year, but this year the task seemed to be especially tough. The number of Jews who left historic marks on their fields – and, more broadly, on Jewish culture – was remarkable.
d'Var Torah

Tapping into the light

When the winter reaches its coldest and darkest days, we tap into the power of light and fire. The Ramchal, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato (18th century) taught that each year when we return to …

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Abraham’s actions are a model even today

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Editor's column

Technology bridges the distances and generations

Do you look at today’s changing technology and feel overwhelmed? You’re not alone. No matter your age, any new technology involves a learning curve. Unfortunately, in the case of …

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Relax and make some memories

Here’s to families and celebrations

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Inspiring teachers I have been blessed to know

A retired art teacher and I recently discovered that we have a mutual friend, Mike Fink.  Although well known to readers of The Jewish Voice and Jewish Historical Notes, he is even better known …

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Friday, December 8

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Monday, October 16

Letters to the editor

Kudos to Rep. David Cicilline

Friday, December 8

On behalf of the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel (RICI), Christians and Jews working together in support of the nation of Israel, I want to publicly thank Rep. David Cicilline for his support and …

From the archives

The Providence pugilist

Rhode Island can claim two champion boxers – at least to my admittedly imperfect knowledge –  George Araujo and Vinnie Paz. If I have slighted anyone, please let me know. Since …

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