Writing retreat in the Negev desert sparks inspiration

Sunday, March 4

Most of us search for community in one way or another. One of the communities I’ve sought out in Israel is writers, both while getting a master’s degree in creative writing from Bar …
d'Var Torah

Viewing sacrifices in a whole new light

Whenever we start reading the Book of Leviticus, or Vayikra, as it is known in Hebrew, I begin to feel guilty. Vayikra is dominated by chapter after chapter that define the laws of sacrifices. As …

Lessons from the golden calf

A blueprint for building sacred communities

The miracle that is camp

Editor's column

A question of coverage and timing

A reader recently wrote asking why The Voice didn’t report on the five Jewish victims of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting on Feb. 14.

He was distressed that the Jews in this tragedy received no special mention in our Rhode Island community newspaper.

Olympics fever is but a memory

It could have been worse!

Breaking news: It’s all too much

Backyard bird buffet brings joy to winter


Why these supporters of a new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem think Sheldon Adelson shouldn't pay for it

WASHINGTON (JTA) – Sheldon Adelson's offer to help pay for the new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is getting a thumb's down from a range of observers who support the embassy's relocation. The …

Rabbi James Rosenberg

Ruth Oppenheim: A life beyond survival

Thursday, March 15

Adam I and Adam II – and why we need both

Thursday, March 15

Adam I and Adam II – and why we need both

Sunday, March 4

The shaping power of Jewish memory

Thursday, February 15

In search of the center

Saturday, February 3

Letters to the editor

Re: Mike Pence’s faith (Feb. 16)

Sunday, March 4

I differ sharply with the opinion of Ron Kampeas in the Feb. 16 issue of the Voice. He quotes a known Jewish liberal Daniel Seidemann who states that what seems to be driving our Mideast foreign …

From the archives

The Jewish Orphanage of R.I.: ‘A cherished institution’

On May 20, 1951, with due celebration, the cornerstone was laid at the new home of The Miriam Hospital. The structure on the corner of Summit Avenue and Fifth Street in Providence would replace …

The hidden figures behind Providence’s Hebrew Loan Associations

A notable gentleman

The Providence pugilist